Zodiaccz for all. Rep your sign!

My name is Shylah and I am the creator/owner of Zodiaccz. I'm currently just your average, broke college student trying to make it in this world. I got tired of working in retail and depending on a paycheck from week to week, I've always known I have the potential to be so much more, which is why I wanted to create something I could be passionate about. I have always been interested in astrology, specifically the Zodiac, and I wanted to find a way to share my interest with the world; so, I created Zodiaccz to provide unique and beautiful accessories to those who may or may not share my same interests. Embrace your inner Zodiac with my Zodiaccz. ✨

In addition to being the owner, I am also the sole employee of Zodiaccz, so please bare with me on this journey, as I am learning, exploring and expanding every day. Feel free to follow Zodiaccz on social media to keep up to date on all sales, giveaways, and new items by clicking one of the symbols below! Also, tag Zodiaccz in your photos reppin' your sign to be featured on social media; I love to show off my astrobabes!